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Posting up recordings of singing and music, singing and music in general
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If you like singing or play a musical instrument and would like to show off your talents and get an opinion then this community is for you.

You can either link to phone posts on your personal journal if you have a paid account or link to files on yousendit.com. or sites such as pure volume. The point is to share files of your sound!

This community is open to anyone who sings, writes songs or plays a musical instrument and who wants to discuss music with like minded folk. You can also join if you just like to listen.

The Rules

*No hurtful criticism please - try and be tactful. Though it's hard to think of new ways to say "bloody awful" and "tone deaf" remember you may be crushing a dream.
*No off topic posts, if you wish to advertise your community here it needs to be music related and please ask the moderator awehla first.
*Mild swearing is permitted but anything the moderator deems unacceptable could lead to a banning.
*Be active and have fun - that's what the community is here for.
*All posts should be posted publicly.

Members are asked to use the following tags (if you remember) when posting messages.

"recordings" - for any post featuring a recording.

"themed_posts" - for any post you do that follows our monthly theme.

"advice" - if you are asking advice about singing/music etc.

For any post with a recording please put the genre such as "musicals", "metal", "jazz" etc.

New members who post up a profile about themselves should use the tag "musical_profile".

If you like please copy and paste the following, fill in, and post to the community when you join so we know who you are, or introduce yourself in a more exciting way such as with a performance.

Sing 4 Me Profile

What you sing/play:
Ever gone pro?:
Day job?:
Early experiences of singing:
Favourite singers/musicians:
Favourite songs:
Anything else?: