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Me singing Trial By Fire, by ThouShaltNot. I've just eaten and have a mild cold, so apologies.


Time for change.....

I've just noticed it is this community's birthday soon and there haven't been any messages since October 2007.  I have decided I no longer wish to moderate this community and was wondering if anyone else would like it and to do something with it.  I just don't have the time or interest anymore to try and get the comm going.  Anyone interested in taking over reply to this post and I'll make you the new master of sing 4 me.


Music recommendations

Can anyone recommend any music, particularly something new?  I'm getting a bit bored of my ipod despite the fact it has nearly 900 songs on it.  I was having a look at itunes the other day and nothing has been jumping out at me and the stuff I hear on the radio is normally for kids.  I like soul, R&B and motown but I also don't mind some pop and those guitar bands where they all sound the same with catchy tunes.  The only music I don't like is hardcore rap, hip hop, and old country.



A message from your mod

I haven't been on here for a long time but it's good to see there have at least been a couple of messages recently.  Things have been really quiet here and having different themes hasn't encouraged participation so we will be theme free for a while and see how it goes.

I myself haven't recorded anything recently.  My computer doesn't have a mic. that works and the Live Journal phone posts facility cuts out any gaps where say I am pausing/not singing and so the recordings have weird echoes or the songs just have no timing/rhythm at all.  If I get a mic. for my computer then I will probably record something then.  I think I have done enough recordings for everyone to know what my voice sounds like anyway.

the mod